Telephone System / PABX Maintenance

NECCARE Voice & Data understands your need for uninterrupted communications. We offer maintenance agreements that will provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction and guaranteed response times

Maintenance Overview

NECCARE believes that our greatest asset is our ability to provide the best possible service. Our certified and highly trained technicians enable us to diagnose and repair problems with the minimum amount of downtime. We hold adequate spare parts which allow us to respond to your service request within the contracted response times. We provide service 24 hours a day 365 days year.

Why have maintenance on your Telephone / PABX system?

  • Budget and Savings : Maintenance aligns a companys budget with its telephone operating costs. If a major failure occurs, the yearly maintenance plan would cover such an occurrence instead of a costly unplanned system failure.
  • Peace of Mind : Knowing that your system is covered can give assurance that if major outages happen to your system, it is covered and it will be back up and running without costly repairs.
  • Priority Service: Preferred customer status gets you the fastest response time for service while putting your company at the front of the line.


  • Free Phone Support: Need help with the operation of a phone handset? Maintenance customers receive free over the phone support included with the maintenance agreement.
  • Free Annual Technician Visit: NECCARE Voice & Data will provide an onsite technician visit to insure your system will stay running smooth. The onsite visit can point out potential problems and correct them before they occur saving you money.

Not having any form of maintenance agreement in place does put your company at risk. The bottom line for your business is this; reduced administration, unsurpassed commitment and lower costs for your communication needs and greater level of service that can’t be matched.

What is covered?

  1. All equipment included in the contract is covered for parts and labour subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  2. Maintenance agreements include an annual onsite technician visit at no additional charge which provides that much needed visual inspection.
  3. No additional charge for over the telephone instruction or basic programming support.
  4. We provide 2 hour response for a major service call.
  5. Disaster Recovery Plan – Software Backup.
  6. Critical spares are located at NECCARE Service Centre.
  7. Access to experienced technical expertise when required
  8. Internal escalation procedures in place with access to NEC’s technical support.