NEC’s UNIVERGE digital phone range offers the features and benefits that Australian businesses demand. Stylish and functional, rugged and reliable yet still delivering high quality audio allowing you to keep in contact with customers, partners and colleagues. NEC’s digital range of phones delivers an ergonomically designed and easy-to-use phone in a variety of form factors while offering exceptional value for money. You are sure to find a digital desk phone to meet your business needs.

The right phone for every business need.

The UNIVERGE digital desk phones offer:

  • Total control over your calls from your Unified Communications client.
  • An easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • High quality audio including full duplex hands-free.
  • A wide range of features and add-ons.
  • Support for the visually impaired including large character display and audio key feedback.
  • Headset with electronic hook switch support.

NEC SV9100 SDT400 -HANDSET Phone System